Say Goodbye To Email Spam With These Simple Tips

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The moment you log in to your mail id, you find oodles of mails dropped into your inbox. But, the annoying thing is that a majority of these mails are not really the ones you are looking for. A bulk of these mails contains spam and just one click on any of the junk mail is all it takes to get you into trouble. Your system gets attacked by all sorts of virus and spyware.

So, before we go any further, let us discuss in brief about spam. In computer terms, what is a spam? It is the process of loading the Internet with multiple copies of the same message in order to divert the attention of people and make them read it who otherwise wouldn't have preferred to go through it. The majority of the spam is generated for advertisement and marketing purposes.
Spam can be classified into two categories. They are briefly described as follows.

Cancellable Usenet spam - It is the process of sending a single message to more than 20 Usenet newsgroups. This type of spam targets people who read newspapers regularly. The main objective of sending such a type of spam is to steal the address of the readers who otherwise don't prefer to give away their information. Usenet spam is also accompanied by a slew of advertisements and beside-the-point posts.

Email spam - This is the type of spam that we all are quite familiar with, right? Spammers send unsolicited junk mails to the users to promote their products and to draw traffic to their websites. Knowingly or unknowingly, the user may click on any of these mails. What happens next is, his system gets infected by virus or spyware. We'll discuss in detail about email spam a little later.

As an interesting fact, the first spam email was sent by a sales representative in 1978. He sent the spam mainly to advertise his product. He made efforts to spread the spam to all the Arpanet users in the US. Those days, the email services couldn't identify a spam or junk mail as it was something new at that time and a multitude of people fell in trap of email spamming.

How to prevent e mail spam?

If you are annoyed of getting usurious amounts of junk mails in your inbox, then read on and learn how to block such spam; so that you don't have to spend any more time deleting those junk mails.

The first and foremost thing is that you should not give out your email address to any unknown person. And don't share your personal email id with telemarketers or advertisers in particular. Having different email accounts for different purposes would be a great option.
That is, have your personal email id for personal use, a business email id for business purposes, and another mail id for general purpose. So, the next time when you subscribe to a newsletter on the Internet, you don't have to give out your personal email address. And this helps because it's only the companies and advertising agents that send the majority of the junk mail to people's mail id to market their products.

For people who use Hotmail, it is important to check whether the spam filter is enabled or not. If it's not, then do enable it. This is very simple. Once you log into your Hotmail account, you will find something specified as "Options". Just click on that and go to "More Options". Then, go to "junk email" and click on "Filters and Reporting". Here you can enable your spam filter and block all the incoming spam.

To put in simple words, I would like to say, just like how you need a reliable security system like the ADT Alarm System, it is also important to protect your system from virus generated through spamming. However, if you don't have a spam blocker option in your email service, just download the spam blocker from the Internet and set your own preferences. For this purpose, you have a lot of spam blocking software on the Internet. Just download and start using them. So, you don't have to worry about email anymore!

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Say Goodbye To Email Spam With These Simple Tips

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Say Goodbye To Email Spam With These Simple Tips

This article was published on 2012/01/20