Winning $7,000 Lawsuit- Something to be Proud of?

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The book publishers and the related industry have come across a huge jackpot. A publisher has won a $7,000 piracy lawsuit, which is rated highly by the publishers. There is always a first time, and same is the case in case of the publisher suing the consumer for pirating the books via BitTorrent. Because of the court’s decision, the New York residents will pay a hefty amount of $7,000 to John Wiley and Sons, a publishing company. The pair of residents had come up with the pirated versions of few instructional books, which did not work out well for the residents, as they ended up being penalized for pirating the books.

The music industry has suffered a lot because of the pirated content. The successful lawsuit can help the publishers to be at ease in connection to the pirated books on offer. Since the recording industry and music studios have suffered a lot in the past, publishers also had nightmares, as their business was under the threat, keeping in front the increased piracy. The successful lawsuit has infused a new life into the publishing business, and the publishers can enjoy a sense of relief.

Piracy is Associated with Digital Life Big Time

Not only the movies and music that are pirated, but also the pirated e-books have become the part and parcel of the industry as well. Even the best sellers are not secure from the content piracy, which has become a bane for not only the publishing companies, but also for the writers/ editors. It is imperative for the content generating and promoting sources to counter-check the originality of the content. Piracy can dent the image of the provider. Today, people associate digital content with piracy, which has paved the way for people coming across low quality (pirated) versions of the content.

BitTorrent- A Mode of Promoting the Content

BitTorrent can be a great marketing and promotional tool, and it should stay that way. The increased piracy has dented the image of BitTorrent as well. With pirated content available over the site, people tend to have their thinking caps on, and the credibility of the site is questioned. People go with bitTorrent to promote their book, as this method can serve wonders. In addition, users download the books, which are a part of a free giveaway scheme or something of similar nature. Owing to the pirated versions, people tend to question the integrity of BitTorrent, which has nothing to do with the pirated versions of an e-book. The major publishers use the BitTorrent platform to get the job done of marketing an e-book.

The mentioned lawsuit can ease the nerves of the publishers, as they can be rest assured of a sound backup they have on offer in connection to the pirated e-books. This kind of a surety can help the publishers to work freely without thinking about the piracy. The penalty of $7,000 can also pave the way for negating and eliminating content piracy, which can be a great way forward.

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Winning $7,000 Lawsuit- Something to be Proud of?

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This article was published on 2013/01/16